Inq'd FT Mini Arrow


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I wanted something quick and easy... hopefully to work on my piloting skills. I decided on an FT Mini Arrow. I wanted a pusher to test my propeller experiments and also to test some the Telemetry experiments with an airplane instead of a truck. ;)

I couldn't leave well enough alone since I was going to use my 3D printed motor mount anyway, I decided to throw some other 3D prints at it. The wings are stock per the instructions, except I'm using 9 gram servos and had to turn the servos. I made 3 pieces. A motor mount with integrated intakes for cooling. A slide on nose piece to go over the battery bay and the tail piece that grasps the nose and fairs it a bit. I'm not really happy with the aesthetics, but I want to go flying today. Probably hard to tell what's going on but I didn't draw the plane.



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Just finishing up the plane. The final specs...

  • Dry weight: 212 grams - Usually my 3D prints makes me go over the designed dry weight (218 g in this case) and this even includes the polyurethane.
  • AUW: 333 grams - Heavier than designed, but I'm using a 1500 mAh LiPo. Smallest I have. But... with my motor/prop combination, it gives me a full throttle flight time of 16 minutes. Probably won't be doing that much, so, I might have a thirty minute flight time. :)
  • Motor: Flash Hobby BE1806, 1400KV
  • Propeller: My own design folding prop 7x2.5.
The prop has a very interesting sound. At WOT, it definitely can accelerate going up. Out for the maiden...