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Introducing the Kraken Spear Solar Project

Hello all from a town near Toronto, Canada.
This is my first post and l hope it turns out to be a good one!?
For my Capstone Project l am building a 3metre wingspan solar powered model based on, as the title implies, the fusion of the FT Kraken and the FT Spear.
My inspiration for this project comes from here:

The design takes the fuselage shape from the Spear and the wings from the Kraken...the root and tip profiles at least. In the interests of quick fabrication, the fuselage and wing ribs will use 3D printed parts and the wings have a carbon spar running from tip to root. Two spars will run through the fuselage into each wing.
I will be utilizing recycled batteries from Ryobi cordless drill packs to make the flight battery.
44 Sunpower Maxeon solar panels will be wired in series in order to match the 6s battery configuration. I will add some pictures after l work out how.....more to follow.

Edit1: I forgot to mention the skin is 5mm foamboard.



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Howdy and welcome to the forum.

Have you seen any retestflight? There might be some useful ideas there for you.



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Nice! Looks interesting. Being from Arizona, I loosely follow most things solar. Got to see Solar Impulse 2 up close when it landed in Goodyear. Definitely peruse Daniel's videos. He has had several iterations of his solar planes, with the last one having semi-flexible solar cells. Good luck with your project!