1. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Prandtl Flying Wing

    I learned recently from @FoamyDM about a NASA test project called PRANDTL-D. He built his own version of the prototype and posted plans here: This morning I began building my own wing from @FoamyDM 's...
  2. B

    Speed build kit kraken throws.

    I've searched around and did not see it. Just finishing up my kraken. How much reflex? Recommend throws? Expo? Hope to maiden next week Thanks Bob
  3. 1

    Introducing the Kraken Spear Solar Project

    Hello all from a town near Toronto, Canada. This is my first post and l hope it turns out to be a good one!? For my Capstone Project l am building a 3metre wingspan solar powered model based on, as the title implies, the fusion of the FT Kraken and the FT Spear. My inspiration for this project...
  4. ManicSkies

    " KRAKEN "

    " KRAKEN " $50 KRAKEN for Sale..... 1 white foam board, speed build kit. Never opened still in box. LOW LOW Price of $50.00 (shipping extra). USA only.
  5. R

    Looking for sea plan or amphibian ideas.

    I built the FT Sea Duck and I am now hooked on sea planes. I am interested in building existing sea planes and also "aquafying" other designs. I aquafied a FT Kraken into a Sea Kraken, and aquafied a FT Spear into a Sea Spear. This FT Foam is great stuff!
  6. A

    Single engine push prop Kraken???

    I'm interested in building up a simple slower flying wing for lazy flying and future FPV. I would like to make it single engine to keep the flight time longer and I am thinking the Kraken would be a good platform for this. Has anyone done this or have any insight into making the Kraken a single...

    Build Request - Blunt Nose Kraken w\ a pusher

    Josh, I would really like to see a Blunt Nose Kraken w\ a single pusher prop. This would have to undoubtedly require a discuss handle like I have added to my Versa Blunt Nose Thanks and keep the shows coming! FtJunky
  8. jaskoller

    Kraken esc's hot

    I don't have anything to check the true current so I'm not sure what's going on. I'm wondering just from my set up if you guys can tell if I did something wrong. I built a Kraken, I'm using two Suppo 2217/7 motors with Hobbyking 30amp esc's running 10-4.5 props . I did use my multi meter just...
  9. jaskoller

    Kraken Elevon Question

    First off I'll apologize ahead of time if this post prints twice, I started a thread but it must not be saved as it just disappeared! Ok my question, I'm not getting much movement on my elevons on my Kraken. Can someone tell me how much movement I should see? I have not tried to fly it yet.

    Build Request - Blunt Nose Kraken

    Hey guys, glad to be a part of the FT family and the first time on this forum and it came across my mind that it would be really cool to see a blunt nosed Kraken with a discus throwing attachment on the the left wing tip, maybe a vertical CF spar with a hole through the wing tip.
  11. SmilingDevil

    FT Kraken, separable :The Hessian Ridgeback

    FT Kraken, Sepia-separable :The Hessian Ridgeback Hi Everyone, I've fallen in Love with the Kraken on first sight, but it's wingspan was going to be a storage and transportation problem for me, so before getting into ordering I put my mind into making this thing separable. (just in case...
  12. C

    FT Kraken Accessories - Where are they?

    See at 17:06 until about 17:45 My brothers and I are eager to see what accessories are available for the Kraken! We're just about done building three Krakens (one for each of us) - I flew mine last night. What a joy to fly! We're all excited to...
  13. C

    Kraken Speed-Build

    Hey everyone i watch all of FT's videos but i'm not on the forums much and i was wandering if FT was or is considering a Speed-Build kit for the Kraken. If so please reply!!!
  14. Epic fly guy

    Just starting my first KRAKEN!!!!!!

    I printed of the plans for the Kraken past week and I just decided to pull them out to day and see what I could do in a half hour and this is what I got. If anyone has built one yet and has any tips that aren't in the video please share.
  15. Maingear

    Kraken is grounded with recomended equipment.

    I had three fried ESCs and a month's worth of no flight time out of my Kraken. I have less than 30 min total time flying my kraken, the last flight I had to crash land in a soybean field due to a #2 ESC failure on final. The bird is incredible to fly, but something is not right. I used the...
  16. Maingear

    Kraken Incident Report

    Built Kraken exactly as published with suppo gear and metal gear servos. 10 gauge harness from batt to ESCs. Both esc would not run on a 2c 5000mah batt (within spec of electrical system) in lipo mode(1). Consulted suppo factory and recomended manually checking cells to ensure min voltage not...
  17. Maingear

    Kraken Tail Wheel(s)

    I joined the local flying field (north of Memphis TN). I want to taxi onto the airfield and from the landing spot on the runway to the taxiway. I can't seem to turn while I taxi without spinning out. Asphalt, no way. Taking off and landing roll is great in the original configuration as long as...
  18. Maingear

    Kraken Keel Fairing

    I wanted to finish off the belly of my kraken and here's what I came up with... I didn't want to fuss with tools for any fasteners so I slapped another paint stick on top. Drilled 1/8" holes so I could hot glue bungie cord secure. The cord will conform to whatever shape, I can make changes...
  19. J


    I got my kraken finished up last night and first flight in today on my lunch break. I had it trimmed up a bit too much and it jumped into the air and scared me a bit. Took a couple minutes to get it trimmed out right and then it flew real nice. most of the flight was at half throttle so its got...
  20. jaskoller

    Release the Kraken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's been some time since we have seen this awesome machine. Please release the Kraken. Plans, build video, tips, and more flying vids. That wing is completely awesome!