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Inverted Flite.

Foam Addict

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Today I was out for a relaxing morning flight, bombing run, ETC in nice 25 MPH winds:p.
I was flying My Sensei around, scaring ducks with low passes over the nearby lake, whe I thought I would see If I could do an inverted pass. I firewalled it, and got 3 mistakes high, and rolled inverted. I was just marveling at how stable it was, when I saw three items rapidly depart from the aircraft.
I moved the sticks, and realized that my three Lipos had become ordinance!
So I waited with bated breath for the plane to steepen its decent, until it smashed into good old terra firma.
The plane for once, had a better idea, and instead of plummeting,Glided inverted for a perfect landing.:cool:. My luck has changed for the better, but I still spent 20 min. looking for 2 2200's and an 850.:p
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Wow! My guess is, once the batteries departed, the plane became quite tail heavy which worked very much to your favor since it was inverted. That must have been pretty cool to see!