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Is there an official Flite Test Thingiverse account?


Junior Member
I was looking to 3D print some control horns and a firewall for a Bloody Wonder. Is there an official Flite Test Thingiverse account or some other place you can download Flite Test 3D parts? There are a few parts on Thingiverse but they seem to be of various quality.


Master Tinkerer
I've made my own stuff as needed; Flitetest utilizes plywood, and all the files you would need are in the build plans since that sort of stuff is always laser cut.

Also, I would look into making some upgraded control horns if I were you. The normal ones work good, but not great. They can sometimes pull off. I've thought about how a 2-piece horn could be better.. Take a shot!
There are plenty of things with the 'flitetest' tag on Thingiverse.
Here is a link to everything tagged so far. Be sure to tag your stuff if you upload any designs.

I have printed a bunch of them so far with great success. Sometimes it takes a bit to find exactly what you are looking for. Other times you just have to modify or model from scratch what you require.

I also started a FT group on Thingiverse, feel free to join if you make or are looking for 3D printed scratch-build stuff. People could possibly also request things here to be made by the group, if anyone is interested enough.


Junior Member
Thanks 8Bit_Koopa. I like the idea of the FT group. I think it's probably my OCD but I'd still like to see an official Flite Test account with the control horns, firewalls etc. You'd then be able to see how people have remixed them.