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  1. E

    80cm foamboard/3D printed hybrid 3D aerobatic plane

    My 3D printed/foamboard hybrid RC 3D plane with 80cm wingspan. All stl files and foamboard plans are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:6559930. I will keep this site more up to date than this post - so use the thingiverse site rather than this post if you plan to build it. This is...
  2. D

    OG A-10 with twin 70mm EDF (3d Print Mount)

    Another weekend, another build. This time we wanted an A-10, but not a prop-driven version. There are a few other EDF mounting solutions that I found, but I didn't like the scale and some were overly complex. I designed my own mount on Fusion 360, printed it on my Bambu P1S out of PETG, and...
  3. telnar1236

    Plane Modular F-104 70mm EDF Jet 1

    This is the release of my modular F-104. It is designed to be 3D printed in PLA or ABS (optional for some parts). It is a 6-channel design and flies on a 4s 4000 mAh battery up to 80 mph. This release contains full STLs, G-code, and an instruction manual detailing assembly. The supplied G-code...
  4. GH05T

    3D Printed MiG-21 70mm/64mm research

    Just gonna try and see if I can take telnar1236's MiG-21 project and get it up and running, I've been looking forever for a starting point because my scaling has been horrible. I think I could get their plane to fly by using the cooling ducts that the real plane uses and turning them into air...
  5. D

    InPrint 3D Printed Airplanes

    Good day everyone. An introduction to InPrint Airplanes. InPrint is a startup company focussed on developing quality, 3D files for printed aircraft. We also provide fully illustrated and detailed print, assembly, and setup documentation. Go to www.inprint-airplanes.com We originate from the...
  6. hunterdave99

    The Spear with Gear

    About a year ago, I built my FT Spear. For this build I used quite a few 3D printed parts. Most are available on Thingiverse. I wanted it to have landing gear because the field I flew on at the time was paved and didn't have a good grassy area to land. I designed the main gear struts in...
  7. SP0NZ

    Part Foam Wonder Battery Tray 1.0

    Foam Wonder Battery Tray STL Designed By: Dan Sponholz 3D printed battery tray designed specifically for my balsa to foam conversion of the Foam Wonder. This battery tray is optional and gets glued directly to the foam battery tray in the model. The slots are provided for attaching optional...
  8. jpot1

    3D Printed Wing - "L3D Wing"

    Sharing my first 3D printed design after hundreds of hours figuring out Fusion360. This is geared to LW-PLA and an F-Pack motor. Printed predominately in vase mode with very few retractions to ensure clean printing. My goal was a simple toss and go wing, easy to hand launch and fun to fly...
  9. flitetest

    Part FT Grumman G-44 Widgeon Water Rudder 1.0

    FT Grumman G-44 Widgeon Water Rudder Design By: David Jester 3D Printable replacement water rudder for the Flite Test Grumman G-44 Widgeon. Print vertical with PLA or Tough PLA (PLA+), 100% infill, no supports, with brim.
  10. Mzaher

    Part FT Scout XL Dummy engine 1.0

    First shot at making 3D models and not sure why the STL files are not exactly the same size (KB). They're the same just mirrored the exhaust. Not too bad but the thru-holes for the BBQ skewers are a little bit big. not a friction fit. Also new at 3D printing and have not yet figured out the...
  11. flitetest

    Part FT Adventure/Beaver Motor Mount 1.0

    Micro Adventure and Micro Beaver Motor Mount Design By: David Jester 3D Printable replacement motor mount for the Flite Test Micro Adventure and Flite Test Micro Beaver. Print with PLA or Tough PLA (PLA+).
  12. flitetest

    Part FT Nano Flerken Printed Parts 1.0

    FT Flerken Printed Parts 3D Modeled By: Dan Sponholz If you're building the FT Flerken from the purchased plans available from the FTCA, you can print these STL files to help you complete your build. Or save even more time and order the speed build kit here: FT Nano Flerken FT Flerken...
  13. SP0NZ

    Part Dummy Radial XL Mk.II 1.0

    Dummy Radial XL for FT 2814 Designed By: Dan Sponholz This dummy radial engine is designed to work with the Flite Test 2814/1100kv motor. I designed it to add semi-scale detail to your foam board model airplanes. It prints as a single piece with no supports using basic PLA filament. The dummy...
  14. flitetest

    Part Caddx Ant AIO Guardian Mount 1.0

    Gremlin Guardian Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera Mount Design By: David Jester 3D printable fixed camera to mount the Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera on the Flite Test Gremlin Guardian. Suggested Print Settings: Filament: PLA, PLA+ (Tough PLA) Layer Height: 0.2mm Supports: None Rafts: None...
  15. flitetest

    Part FT Master Series F-18 Super Hornet Ordnance 1.0

    F-18 Super Hornet Ordnance Design By: John Overstreet Want to load out your Flite Test Master Series F-18 Super Hornet? Look no further. Master Series designer John Overstreet has created a collection of accessories for you to download and print on your 3D printer to make your F-18 look...
  16. flitetest

    Part Insta360 GO 2 Guardian Camera Mount 1.0

    Insta360 GO 2 Camera Mount for FT Guardian Design By: David Jester 3D printable camera mount for the Insta360 GO 2 designed to be mounted on the Flite Test Guardian multirotor frame. Print Settings: Filament: colorFabb LW-PLA (Light Weight PLA) Flow: 55% Nozzle: 230° C Infill...
  17. flitetest

    Part FT Caddx Ant AIO Mount 1.0

    Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera Mount Design By: David Jester 3D printable adjustable camera mount for the Caddx Ant AIO FPV Camera. This camera mount requires: [2] 3mm x 8mm screws and [1] 1" x 3/32" O-ring to complete the assembly. Files: Caddx Ant Mount Part 1.stl Camera Plate Caddx Ant...
  18. flitetest

    Part FT Legacy Landing Gear 1.0

    FT Legacy V2 Landing Gear Design By: David Jester 3D printable landing gear mounts for the Flite Test Legacy V1 and V2. They can also be used on other aircraft models by adjusting the length of the joiner wires. These mounts are designed to use Ø .125 inch wire for the main gear, and Ø 3mm...
  19. SP0NZ

    Part Dummy Radial 9 Cylinder 1.0

    Dummy Radial 9 Cylinder Engine STL Designed By: Dan Sponholz This 9 cylinder dummy radial engine is designed to work with the Flite Test Power Pack B/C Pack Radial motors. I designed it to add semi-scale detail to your foam board model airplanes. It prints as a single piece with no supports...
  20. SP0NZ

    Part Baby Baron Wall Mount 1.0

    Baby Baron Wall Mount Designed By: Dan Sponholz Designed to fit the Baby Baron, and Baby Brit (also works for similar sized aircraft). Designed to attach to a wall using #8 coarse thread drywall screws. Other sizes available upon request. Print Settings: Material: PLA+ (eSun) Layer...