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3d print

  1. Dr. Looping Looie

    from foamboard to 3D print EDF Jet!

    It all startet half a Year ago when I wanted to scratch build a new EDF jet. My FMS 50mm unit went through 4 different planes before, but they all lacked something. They didnt flew well enough. I wanted something that was both fast and slow, but light enough to climb vertical. I began picturing...
  2. S

    Onyx and fiber 3D printing on Markforged Mark 2

    Hello, My name is Dave, and I have a Markforged Mark Two Fiber printer as well as a PLA, TPU, PETG, ABS printer. I can print plane and drone parts, and I'm trying to design my own drone for flight (although the last time I made something that flies it was run on a crystal radio in 2003...)...
  3. cdfigueredo

    New idea for 3d printing business. Could it work?

    Hello family! For some time I have been thinking about this idea that I would like to share with you. I hope you like it, and if so, start producing some kits. I love seeing how many of the members of this family go out of their way to add special touches to their models that make them look...
  4. G

    Designing for 3D printers

    I'd love to see an article or get some guidance on designing planes for print on 3D printers. Even to just design parts for existing planes. What are people using? What are the pitfalls of free compared to 'for purchase' software? What about learning curves? Ease of use? (this list can probably...
  5. T

    3D Printed POWERUP 3.0 Plane Weird Flight Characteristics (First Post)

    Hi. I'm new to the Flite Test forums but I've been in a few others before so I have some experience. This post is about a video I made on my YouTube channel here: I'd like to talk about some weird flight characteristics I experienced with this plane. When I first threw the plane it would...
  6. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed EDF Duct - 1106 Gremlin Motor v4

    This is the print file for the custom EDF motor-mount-ducts that I designed for my 7ft B-52. It has been updated to work with 2" props, and has motor mount holes for the 1106 size motors.
  7. Z

    Blunt Nose Versa or Spear 3D print mod

    I am interested in making a version of either the blunt nose versa or the spear that has 3d printed pieces to allow for wing removal. I am in the beginning stages of brainstorming this and am looking for input. Something like the Parrot Disco would be nice (as I imagine some cross spars/rods...
  8. ComikzInk

    3D Printable FT Spitfire Retracts

    Hi all, I've spent the past few weeks designing, printing and testing a little project to share. Having recently acquired a FT Spitfire I wanted to mod this thing the moment I finished it. I felt the first thing to do before painting her was to give her landing gear so I can keep the belly...
  9. H

    Hi from Young, Arizona

    Hi, I've been watching FT on Youtube for a while now, and it's inspired me to design a 3D printable FPV fixed wing. I want something that will be nice and slow, fairly long range, and have a good battery life. I have some experience with CAD and printing, but I know nothing of best practices for...
  10. Z

    Exploring Ducted Props with 3D Printing

    A sleep deprived idea came into my head when thinking about an active cooling system for a friend's Mikado, the result was scary, and I may have stumbled into the gateway for EDFs. These 1806 motors used to have an overheat problem when using 6045 bullnoses, but the 5040 3 bladed props kept it...
  11. P

    An alternative to a GoPro

    I'd love to have a GoPro mounted to get great video, but when money is tight I have to think how can I do this cheaper. Requirement one: Record is button press I found this great little project to make an action cam with a raspberry pi, so that's one box ticked...
  12. G

    Is there an official Flite Test Thingiverse account?

    I was looking to 3D print some control horns and a firewall for a Bloody Wonder. Is there an official Flite Test Thingiverse account or some other place you can download Flite Test 3D parts? There are a few parts on Thingiverse but they seem to be of various quality.
  13. S

    Rapid-Prototyped Blended-Wing-Body Slope Soarer

    Hi everyone, On the podcast Rapid-Prototyping (3d printing) has been mentioned a few times relating to parts like motor mounts and camera gimbals. Here's a project being done in Sheffield (UK), a fully printed airframe with a wingspan of 1.5 metres, coming in at under 2kg. AMRC - FDM-printed...
  14. P

    3D printed Tricopter based on David's V2.6

    I am a big fan of FliteTest. I check the site every day for new ideas. Ever since I watched the video of David building his V2.6 design (scratch build), I wanted to build my own. I have already tried and failed to build/fly an X quad and H quad. Since David gave me enough confidence, I went for...