Help! Is this a good configuration and where can I find a flight controller?


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Hello all!

I am currently trying to build an EDF f-18, and am going to run two 2300kV edf motors with 80a escs and a 6s 2200 mah lipo battery! I'm sort of new to this, and don't know what site to buy a flight controller. So far, I have been recommended the KK2.1 and an H7 or custom f7 board maybe as a later modification. Is this an okay setup and how should I get a flight controller?

Thank you so much!


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...I'm sort of new to this...Is this an okay setup...
This would be a great setup for an experienced pilot. BUT if this is your first plane, then No, not a good setup for a first plane. I'd recommend the tiny trainer, simple cub, storch, FT explorer, tutor, or any of the many other trainer type planes FT offers.

Learn to fly first then build the F18 EDF.