Help! Issues with FT Alpha and Bravo wing.


I've scratch built an FT Alpha and a Bravo's wing. I trimmed it and it flies great using the alpha wing but it nose dives at launch with the bravo wing. I tried pushing my battery as far back as it goes in the fuselage and it still doesn't help. I'm using a Turnigy 3s 1300 mah battery. Has anyone had a similar issue, and it so how do I fix it. I don't really want to keep trashing my favorite bird.😋😁


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Few things to check,
Make sure the suggested cg marks are in the right spot .

Make sure the canards are flat and not accidently glued at a down angle.

Make sure the motor is perpendicular to the plane and the mount isn't glued in at an angle, if the motor is angled down at the back that will force the nose down under power.

If that is all good you could add some reflex to it and then try it. Also if you have a tall grass area (soft landing spot ) try just glide testing it not using any power. Chuck it fairly flat and only a few feet off the ground .


I probably should have clarified that I had the bravo wing on the alpha fuselage. I didn't build the fuselage for the bravo. The chuck test and thrust angle are good things to check after I rebuild 😋.