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Jason's entry in the Multi Rotor Body Builder contest.

Is it going to be over planned and over engineered?

Basic components built up in SketchUp...
...processed through Blender3D to prepare it to be...
... pulled into Zbrush for sculpting...

Oh yes... yes it will be.


I think Ill just zip tie my STOL onto my Tricopter and call it a day. At least I'll know it can fly then :)
I'm in, lets see what my demented mind can come up with.
So I was looking at my sculpt and had this itch that I had seen this form before and I was subconsciously expressing it...

Yeah, I think I found what must have been my 'inspiration'

Scratching this path.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Well that's a shame! You were well on your way to the first sporty SkyNet Racer:

Just pop in the new Ardupilot with the new 4G control add-on and watch it autonomously run down the competing pilots on the flight line.

Can't loose the race if all the competitors crash while fleeing for their lives!​

. . . Ok. I see your point.