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JH Speed Deamon - a foamboard pylon racer

So now I am thinking about how to make this thing faster, maybe a swept wing. I am wondering if I just cut the wing halves at the centerline 20-30 degrees and joins them... what might happen. Drag down? Lift?
My first thought is always adding voltage, but using my brain might be a better idea to alter the design. Wing is thin already, fuse area at firewall cannot be shrunk since motor mount is huge. Wing mod seems the most likely solution.

Another idea would be to reduce wing chord length?


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If you want to make it faster and are already at 4s (what 120mph not fast enough for you?) go 6s but don't blame me if you loose sight of it after 3 seconds LOL

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so here she is... flys amazing. i dont have a radar gun but how fast you guys think she is going?
Wow - that’s a rocket for sure!! I’m terrible at guessing but I’m gonna say it’s over 90 for sure, but considering the motor is out of a v900 and that thing can hit 120 I think, you could well be venturing into the triple digits! @SquirrelTail is a good guesser on speed so I bet he could give a more accurate guess. :D


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i have both the mini and micro balsa demons. got a few guys at the field to buy the mini and we are going to start a racing thing. should be fun.

well one of those guys showed up today with foam speed deamon. flew great and was actually really good practice for him come time to fly the balsa version. one thing lead to another and now i have this on my table...


ecalc said 99mph with a 4S 6x4.5 prop.


still playing with props but will have to test. ;)


me :cool:
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I built a cleaned up version with a tighter nose, bolt-on wing, and then gave it the Nerdnic treatment. It flies AWESOME. On 6s it's very quick and handles really well. Landing speed is a little higher with the big motor and isolated receiver battery/bec, but still very easy to land.