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Where to start....

This is my first forum post so dont be mad at me. i will try and review the H9D "rtf fpv"

so let me start by say i purchased two 0.3 mpx models just as the price was on 85.99 on gear best. they were very responsive to all my concerns so they get an A- for customer service. the minus is due to the fact that there is never a real person to speak with on the phone only "live" chat and emails.

the product itself arrived at my door yesterday and i was thrilled its a very attractive little multirotor. i have not measured it but i will say its roughly a 250 size. the package included spare props / prop guards/ landing feet and what i liked was it came with its own screw driver. the Remote it came with was packaged very nicely and the screen is a good size with a brightness dimmer. of the 2 quads i bought one of the camera was not transmitting picture but it was picking up the signal as if they were connected. the other one was transmitting a really nice REAL TIME picture must be a few tenths difference which is barely noticeable, but unfortunately as i was in the air my video went out and im not sure why. its really upsetting to get a product that is not complete and although it is upsetting i do like the way the quad flys and handles

i was reading a few reviews and i read complaints about there being a flip feature advertised but no flip feature... they are wrong the flip feature works fairly well and caught me off guard since i read it was only an LED feature. i was only a foot or 2 off the ground and i wanted to sample the LED feature and my quad front flips straight to the ground.. i still need to get a feel for the landing as every time i landed i felt like it was taking a rough thump but that is my fault for not really understanding trim.

i will ask if FT can please review this quad by JJRC H9D and please help out with the faulty camera as i am not a soldering or electrical expert and will like a nice instructional on how to mod this quad.. it will be very popular for the price/size of this quad it is great for a beginner to learn how to fly fpv unlike the hubsan X4 which does come rtf fpv but is micro sized and hard to adjust once you start with the bigger 250 or bigger. the H9D will give you a good feel as to where u will be able to squeeze your quad through.

thank you and please consider a review for this Multirotor FliteTest


Senior Member
im not sure what you are asking. are you having a problem with yours? what is the camera doing?
as i guessing that is what you are asking for help with?

the camera and monitor are not working the screen is black, but it shows the signal strength is good. but no vidd .. ast this point i can basically say ive done more damage to the camera. i tried taking it apart to re-enforce the soldering and F***ed it up more...it flys great tho even with altitude..


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sucks to hear about that man, sounds like something i would do.. screw it up trying to make it better. well at least you can still fly it, may as well think positive about it..