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Pumpkin drop event

Jumper T16 - all my models are gone - please help ?

Hi, I have programmed 10 models and suddenly all are gone on my Jumper t16 radio - only model 1 are shown. But if I look on the sd card via my computer 21 models (11 of them were testmodels I made, but 10 of them are real for my planes) are presented in the model library as bin files. So it seems that the sd card are ok and it have also many other libraries presented.
But I cannot import them via companion and the T16 does not see them. I am new in this field and have not backed it up in companion. It was my first programming in open tx and I have used a lot of time to get it to work. Any possibility to get the programs back ? I have set the radio setup as the Frsky horus x10 in companion.
Kind regards Jens Hansen - Denmark