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just mucking around, while waiting for the weather to improve


New member
Hey guys, just waiting for the weather to improve so i can finally fly my first scratch build, (bloody wonder) anyway, while waiting i was playing around and decided to recreate my transmitter in 3d. what do you think?



Rotor Riot!
Holy cow, that's awesome! What software do you use? I can do nice 3D stuff in AutoCAD 2013, but my skill goes only to a certain point.

BTW aren't the sticks any longer?


New member
bicyclemonkey, nope, its not real :)

Thanks colorex, I used 3dsmax and rendered it using mental ray

hmm maybe, i modeled this off only a couple of pictures on the net, as the transmitter as at my girlfriends place and i didnt have it with me to take measurements.