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I am wanting to build a KC-135 tanker. But do not know really how to start. I would like to be able to have the boom come done in flight. When down have smoke come out instead of fuel like the real aircraft I was a crew chief on.


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I really like your idea and hope to see it happen. Getting started on that journey will depend on where you are at in the hobby. Have you any experience in building or flying? In the Navy I've accumulated thousands of flight hours yet when my son bought me my first RC plane, flying it was an entirely different thing. Many pilot's testify the same thing. Nevertheless, I do understand the desire to build "your plane" and would like to see you get there.

Recently one of our community members successfully built and flew a C-17 so there certainly is a precedent and model to follow.

Again, welcome.
I am thinking

I am also thinking of duel receiver set up. out board motors on one and inboard on the there. So I have a backup if one motor/esc goes down all I need to do is flip a switch. I got these idea from one of the fighttest video where they controlled one drone then flipped a switch on the transmitter the controlled the another drone.