Kev in Australia


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Hi, 63 year old virgin here so go easy on me. Ha!
I built a Flamewheel 450 back in 2014. So far I have done more building than flying. Naza MV2 with compass, cheap 2 axis gymbal and self modified Gopro hero3 black (Flat lens) with Eachine Tx on it. Landing legs for camera clearance. Last time I flew it was November 2014 just as my wife and I were moving house/state here in Australia. House renovations and health got in the way of my learning to fly. So here I am batteries charged and ready to go. I forgot all that I had learned at the hands of my mentor 1300kms away. I hooked up the battery and switched on the Turnigy 9XR or was it the other way around. The gymbal lined itself up and then I went to arm the motors and nothing. I was looking forward to calibrating the compass and learning to fly. Maybe I should get a simulator, any help/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Kev.