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Turnigy 9xr Pro Newbie question!

Good Afternoon all! This will be my first time posting on the forums! (I have been following FT since 2013) I come to everyone today with a predicament while assembling my SuperBee electronics. My setup is as follows, Turnigy 9xr pro with FR Sky DJT RF Module and V8FR-2 HV receiver. The ESC's are the 30 Emax BLHeli's available in the flite test store and emax 2205 2300 kv motors. My question for you today is this, why isnt my esc arming on startup? Using a stock Spectrum setup I was able to verify the esc and motor working properly, however with my own setup at home, I am unable to get it to work. Is there something I'm missing? TO clarify any early questions, yes it is plugged in the correct way, I am wondering if it has something to do with either my receiver/transmitter, or the 9xr pro itself. Thanks in advance for all your guys help!


Old and Bold RC PILOT
Has you radio setup ever worked in another plane or setup?
Can you rebind your receiver?
Do your servos give a little "Kick" on applying the battery?
The radio and receiver both work with my two other models. The bec does work as well and I can use servos with it plugged in. I have rebound the receiver as well.
Bump, Still have not found a solution to this issue. Doing some more in depth research it appears that it may be the 9xr pro and not the frsky modules/recievers I have. Does anyone have suggestions for PPM setups? I dont have much knowledge in this subject.