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Hello brand new here. I am new to rc, I have been scratch building planes for the last couple months and love it. I have 11 year who now flys better then me and a 6 year old who badly wants to fly. I found the Magnum foam plane from West Michigan flyers, but they do not have any in stock and do no plan on having any for months. I do not really want to buy a second receiver right now and link them to train him. Does anyone know of a plane similar to the Magnum? I even found the site in Germany that supposedly sells them but you cannot buy off their site. I emailed them but no response. So any advise on a plane that fly's super easy and can take crashes and fly's super slow.




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Can you clarify what you meant by not wanting to buy a second receiver? For any plane (including the Magnum) you would need to add a receiver, unless it was a Bind-N-Fly that came with one already (but that would be considerably more expensive). Looking at the Mini Magnum, it seems like the FT Mini Scout would be a good alternative. It's not quite as small or lightweight as the Mini Magnum (the Mini Magnum looks like it wouldn't be able to handle any wind), but the Mini Scout can fly very slow. And it is lightweight enough that it can handle crashes very well too. It's also pretty easy to scratch build! Here's a video of my maiden of a Mini Scout that I scratch-built showing how slow it can go.


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I will give that a try. I have A power pack components, those will work? And above I was trying to say buy a second radio controller and hook them together, to train with. Not receiver. Thanks for the help.

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I don't have any personal experience with it, but from what I have read the tiny trainer is the best flite test beginner plane.

It can be built as a chuck glider, 2ch glider, 3ch trainer, and then a 4ch plane, and with power pack A and a 2s battery it can fly very slow.
Not to mention with a 3s it can provide a much more exiting flying experience for a more advanced pilot.


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It really just depends on what you are after? The Tiny Trainer is how I taught myself to fly, a great plane and like @Mr. Gandalf said can give you the full house in terms of teaching even your 6 yr old. The Mini Scout is a great plane to although I personally recommend the Tiny Trainer as a trainer plane because the many options that it offers let alone the modifications that have been made to it which can and will change the flying exprience it gives. You can make it a bi-plane, a warbird, and canard, and much more. The friends (@Hai-Lee, @kilroy07, @rockyboy and others) here on the forum can give you a ton of other examples for what the TT is capable of.