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kinda worked...


Junior Member
So after my giant fail with the f22 I build, I wanted to take a step back... So I chose the nutball since it's one of the most easy to build and fly planes out there.
The build was easy but very frustrating because the shape is round everywhere and I had a hard time making everything perfectly square. I know it doesn't need to be perfect, but I like to make it as perfect as possible, which is hard when you have no straight lines to refer to. After 3 hours of building it was finished.

(I even made special landing gear for the plane out of popsickle sticks that would come off after it came of the ground) Only to find out that there was too much wind to fly.
The next day it was still windy, but I wanted to fly, so I went out and maidened it with quite some wind. So I had everything set up to go and maiden the new plane.
I gave it some throttle and it barely moved forward because of the wind. I was happy to see it wasn't flying backwards ;)
The gear worked perfectly. It supported the plane for as long as needed (which is not long since the nutball takes off in about 10":p) and stayed on the ground. As I was flying it, the wind picked up and because of the low weight and big surface of the plane it was almost unflyable. I really had to fight the wind and trim it at the same time... It tracks just fine but one gust of wind and the thing is upside down. I also had alot of wingrock which made it even harder to fly.
And to finish it of it was way too sensitive and the smallest stick movement made it do an 180.
The plane "flew"( more panic than actual flying) for about a minute or so. The only thing that broke was the prop because it "landed" updside down.
literally all the damage...
The firewall came off but that's an easy fix because it came off perfectly at the glue joint. Luckily it wasn't taped to the powerpod or else that would've wrecked it, but it's in perfect condition.
The plane is as good as unharmed. Just glue the firewall back on and adjust the throws and we're good to go :)