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Kinetic 800


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It sounds like you need to do one of a few things.

Check your trim settings, make sure they're as low as needed to keep the motor off when the throttle is down.

You might have to program the ESC. I am not sure which one they're using in that plane. I'll see if I can find out...


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Usually we don't plug in the battery until our xmtr is on but in this case I would give it a try and see if the error is being sent from the xmtr.

If your motor doesn't go full throttle until you turn on the transmitter then I would focus on that looking at what Monkey said and I have a few ideas too. If you have reversible channels on your xmtr, check to see if channel 3 is reversed. Another thing I have on mine is a throttle hold switch which overrides the throttle stick setting.

If it is the ESC, I've never messed with programming those so I'll be no help there.

Please do get back and let us all know what you find.


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Like FlyingMonkey said; see if turning your throttle trim down works. I'm also using a HK-T6A and ran into a similar issue. Adjusting the trim worked for me.

Alternatively; try adjusting the subtrim down for the throttle channel in the programming software. That way you can still finetune the trim 'on the go' with your normal trim tab.


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What do people think of this plane as a beginners learning plane? In the flitetest review it seemed like a pretty easy flier and tough enough to take a few hits. What to you guys think?
Hey Gang

Sorry for the late reply. I ended up using T6 Config and fiddling with the throttle control. I had a couple of great days flying up at Bright but ended up hitting a tree. Another one is on order so it will be interesting whether I have the same problem again?

I would stick with the Bixler as a trainer. The Kinetic is great to fly but it is much faster and requires a little more skill.

Hope that helps

Kind Regards



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A friend of mine got a Kinetic, he was gonna fly it but he broke the prop because he had reversed ailerons.

Does anyone know of a cheaper replacement for the prop? Does it really have to be a folding prop?
The original prop is BK.


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No not necessarily.
You can use a normal prop with the proper Propeller/spinner or just propadapter. It will be okay but your friend won´t have the nice original spinner on any more, because that Spinner if the kinetic is specifically made for those Props only.

Just look that you choose a similar prop with a suitable propadapter or maybe propsaver with the right size of the whole for the motorshaft to come in.


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Well it says in the descriptions it uses an 8x5 Prop so that is found easily.


This is the replacement motor for the Kinetic and therefore an adaptor for a 3mm shaft is needed :)


Unfortunately all HK items needed are on BK

but this is the propsaver needed: at least it is supposed to look like this

or one without rubber bands



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Does anyone know of a cheaper replacement for the prop? Does it really have to be a folding prop?
The original prop is BK.
Although the standard 8x5 prop is good, it is rather expensive and always on backorder.
I use two optional props that work good :

1. Another folding prop
30mm aloy spinner with 3.0mm shaft adapter.
I noticed that HK does not suply this one any more.
32mm is actually better, so this could be another substitute:
plus the blades:
As a total little more expensive but the blades are separately available.
I dont see any diff between the original 8x5 and this 8x4.

2. Fixed prop
Just a simple 3.0mm shaft adapter with grub screw and an APC 6x4 prop.
I use this setup with the upgrade motor I found : 1712_2000kv (1 to 1 fit)
This motor makes a pilon racer from your Kinetic ;-)

Here are the pics :