KK2.0 Tricopter Yaw Issues


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Hi FliteTest forums.

I've built and have been flying a tricopter (RCExplorer 2.6HV style) for some time, and I've been working on getting the KK2.0 board better tuned in. I've started flying it via FPV and I am noticing a lot of tenancies the tricopter has that I want to try to get rid of with tuning.

The roll and pitch P and I gains are rock solid. The yaw is what has been giving me trouble. Initially it flew fine, except when yawing the tricopter would lose / gain altitude a lot. I modified the gains from stock 50P / 50I down to 50P / 25I and that helped get rid of the altitude issues, but now whenever I yaw, the tricopter also rolls and pitches, making turning while in FPV a nightmare. Yawing to the left = roll to the right and pitch fowards. Yawing to the right = roll to the left and pitch backwards

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this, or is it just the way it normally flies?


Tricopter setup info:

Motors: DT750 (All counterclockwise)
ESC: SimonK flashed F20A
Props: 9x4.7
Battery: 4s3000
Flight Controller: KK2.0 flashed to 1.6

Roll / Pitch
P Gain: 66
P Limit: 100
I Gain: 44
I Limit: 20

P Gain: 50
P Limit: 20
I Gain: 25
I Limit: 10


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well the kk does not have a barometer so you'll have to compensate the altitude loss by hand. and i would say those props are a little small for your motors maybe you should go with 11x4.7 props, you'll get more thrust and maybe compensate for the extra weight of the fpv gear.


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crlock is right, those props are on the very small for DT750's. You're losing a lot of capacity. Sort of like driving on the interstate in second gear. The props all the same is also probably slightly aggravating the control. Last, I would say that you may be stressing the 750's a bit as well with the 4S. They aren't spec'd for 4S. Probably not a big deal, just be aware.

Your numbers look ok, well within "norms" for a DW size tri.


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Thanks for the input. From some the testing I've done since, I think the problem is more in the CG.

Also, I am using the motor/prop/battery setup recommended by David for his tricopter so I'm not too sure that is the problem, but I may try larger props / smaller battery if I cannot find the problem anywhere else.


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i don't think david would recommend using a 750kv motor with 9x4.7 props, and 4s battery maybe you missread it? go with bigger props, balance your copter and you'll be up in the air in no time ;)

Cyber, are we calling it DW tricopter? that guy is like a rockstar now xD i want my name on a tricopter model "The Crlock" sounds awesome =D