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Laminate Flooring Building Platform


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I just got back in to RC after 25+ years (wow how things have changed ... for the better!) and have been having a blast with the foamy "thing"! I was using an old flat closet door for a table and cardboard under my foam to protect it while cutting/building. As I went along, the cardboard got rough and had to be replaced often. Then I started running out of good smooth cardboard to use.
Being the "Cheap-o" that I am (with a capital "C"), everytime I went to price "real" cutting boards (are they expensive or what?), I couldn't make the "connection" between hand and wallet to purchase one large enough to be useful.
One night in the garage I happened to spot a stack of left-over laminate flooring boards. (You know, the boards my wife tried to get me to throw away a gazillion times because they were just taking-up precious space in the garage!) I put together about 4 of the boards which made a very nice and smooth work surface about 30"x 50". This particular stuff is Armstrong and is as tuff as nails. I try to be careful, but occasionally I've gotten through to the laminate surface with the Xacto blade. So far I have seen some very fine scratches which pretty much disappear with the wipe of a finger. Nothing yet that would cause any problems to the foam.
Anyway, I haven't seen anyone else mention using laminate flooring for a building surface/cutting board. Maybe some fellow "cheap-o's" might have some laying around, or could pick-up some left-over pieces or samples at their local flooring store for free or cheap. So far it is working beautifully!

Maybe this will work for someone out there!

Walt Lamianate Table Top.JPG


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Good to hear, but remember that if your knife doesn't hurt it, it hurts your knife. I used some porcelain tiles for cutting foam, but they killed my blades really fast. I don't have a real cutting board, but I think they must be kind of rubbery - to give support for the material, but not to be cut by the blade.


Cool idea! Laminate flooring, from my understanding, is nothing more than REALLY dense paper or cardboard. I put it down in about half of my house years ago. I do have a few spares taking up space. Never would have thought of it if you hadn't mentioned it. Thanks!


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Yep ... the underside is like a dense paper/cardboard, but that "Formica" like top is some tough stuff indeed. I've noticed that any dribbles of hot glue really stick to the laminate surface, but it will come off clean once you get it broken loose with the xacto or a thin blade screwdriver.
This is awesome! Wootler, I am in the EXACT same situation. (well, not the 'getting back into rc after 25 years' part, I'm JUST getting into it after longingly watching guys at my local field fly cool planes for the past 20 years) I've been using a cheapo vinyl covered folding table in my garage. Since its a 'soft top', I've been using two pieces of plywood (two different widths! gaa!) to lay on the table and cut on. Needless to say, while it worked, it is, how they say, 'less than ideal'.

I have about 4 stacks of extra laminate flooring from doing two rooms in our house. (It came out great for my first time, *pats self on back*) ;) Your solution for a nice worksurface is brilliant! I will say that after a few times of repairing shelving, hanging blinds, etc. in our house, my wife has never questioned the stack of crap I keep around the garage. She used to ask me, "why do you keep all those pieces of scrap wood?" She now knows that given enough time, EVERYTHING will have a use!! :)

I also searched for 'real' cutting mats, and wow was I surprised at the price! Its a plastic mat....you cut on....IF it washed my car too, then I would feel better about the price. :)
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