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Large Scale Old Fogey FPV

Here it is. Finally good weather to get in the air. It seemed like this was the windiest Indiana winter I have experienced. But I was able to get some air time. I was running the NTM 35-36 900kv motor with a Turnigy 2200. Flight times were aroung 19-20 min. Plenty of power to climb with the slow turn 9/6 prop. About 950 grams thrust with only I believe abvout 40 amps pull on the dyno watt meter. In all it weighs 900 grams and with the thrust it is able to go verticle and keep on going. Nose drops a little with throttle off and glides very nice and slow if I want to.

Check the video out. I was just putting around the neighborhood and checking out some of the several ponds in the area. At the end I cut the throttle and glided home slowly for a nice and slow prop faceplant in the tall grass.

Yes, I was trying to scare my daughter by dive bombing her a bit as well.