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Learning to fly fixed wing

Hi there. I have experience flying quadcopters and have built my first fixed wing. I choose a FliteTest Tiny Trainer. I am about to start with the non aileron wing. They say to put the rudder on the right stick. Would I be better off leaving the rudder on the throttle stick where I am used to having it? Or would I be better off putting it on the right as suggested in the Tiny Trainer video?


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With basic fixed wing, flying the rudder is generally used for fine adjustment and most steering occurs via the ailerons and elevator. So generally, with a 3 channel plane and mode 2, the rudder takes the place of the ailerons and is moved to the right stick where the ailerons are normally controlled.

This is considered a more friendly setup for a beginner because throttle is separated from steering so there is less to confuse.

The rudder as a independent control comes in to play later in basic flying for coordinated turns, lining up landings and taxiing.

Obviously it is used for more in acrobatic flying.

Whether you would be better off leaving it on the throttle and having no ailerons only you (or your fixed wing teacher) can tell. Depends what habits you have from the flying you do already.

If I were you I would stick with convention, move the rudder to the right stick and see how it goes. Fixed wing flies differently from multi-rotor so it may be beneficial to not have the rudder were you are used to it.
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