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Let me take a moment and remind everyone of the positive side of FPV.

Let me take a moment and remind everyone of the positive side of FPV. This is a video I made today at our local airfield. This was my sons first attempt at following a moving object with the video camera on a tricopter ... This is what its all about.. A father/son moment!!
I won't go off track like I did in the other thread. He did some good piloting. Won't be long and we'll have more shots like the one that David gets on the Flitetest videos. Pretty amazing. When I'm not busy being awesome at cutting other peoples streamers, crashing while dancing to James Brown, hovering my Das PlasStick for a paintball target, Shooting touch n go's with my USS (Big Plane) or flying so fast the tail falls off my Flipper, I think I enjoy just bumping around in the air with my Old Lazy knockoff or the likes. But if it wasn't for such a vast herd distracting my funds, I'd probably look into the FPV thing like your son but I'll never have the thumbs for it. I'm an average sport pilot with a bunch of practice, I've peeked and will only go downhill from here. Your son has a future. Who knows, in a few years we'll probably get rid of the small helicopter eye in the sky and replace it with a bunch of guys like your son flying FPV's for the news stations. I know the Government will have they're own surveillance ones up there but I figure its just too much safer then the eye in the sky reporter. Cheaper too. Run a van out into the general area and take off. Gonna be a sweet gig for the right guy. Special licensing of course because you can't make a profit with your FPV and be AMA/FAA legal as is.

I don't list my achievements so much as a bragging rights, though I did anyways, but just as a "when I think of all I've done and am happy with" kind of statement because I see some of whats coming and know its gonna be so much cooler. I gotta figure the big guys like Goldberg and Walker and the likes, with more of a reason to, felt the same way.
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