Solved Lipo battery charger


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I want to know can a small capacity Lipo battery charger charge a high capacity battery?

I thought of buying a charger that charges a 3S LiPo battery and it charges each cell at 800mA. My battery is 4200maH in total of all 3 cell. Is the charger suitable? Should I buy it? Pls help


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I have a charger that charges at the same rate, and for a 1300mah 3s it takes nearly an hour 1/2 to fully charge it, you’d be better off buying something with a programmable charge rate.


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I had a b6ac imax charger. Unfortunately, it spoiled when i connected the battery in reverse. I thought the charger was built to withstand such human errors. The charger displayed reverse polarity though.


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I agree with @Paracodespoder, a small charger may work on a large battery but it would take a painfully long time. I’d recommend another imax6b.