1. bwarz

    Quad lipo charger anyone?

    With four of us flying, batteries go quick. Heading to Flitefest this year I thought maybe it might be easier with a quad port charger vs a dual and several singles. Anyone have any positive or negative experiences of what's available? I'm leaning toward the Graupner S2007 (price and name)...
  2. B

    Help! Battery won’t charge

    Hi all. Noob here who is trying to be very safe with batteries. I just got this battery and charger with my P40 build kit and am charging with the balance port in the 3S charge port and charging on 1A. Figured since this can’t do 1.8 for the 1800mAh, I’d be safe at 1. Battery has been plugged...
  3. ZXZE

    Solved Lipo battery charger

    Hi. I want to know can a small capacity Lipo battery charger charge a high capacity battery? I thought of buying a charger that charges a 3S LiPo battery and it charges each cell at 800mA. My battery is 4200maH in total of all 3 cell. Is the charger suitable? Should I buy it? Pls help
  4. ZXZE

    Solved Imax b6ac IiPo Battery charger

    My charger stop charging when i accidentally connected the battery i the wrong polarity. At first the charger displayed wrong polarity. I turned off the charger riht away. Although, i could smell some something burning. When i opened the caee, i found out it was a high wattage resistor that was...
  5. R

    Problem with B3 PRO Compact Charger

    HI to everyone! I have a problem with my charger. When I connect it to power I expecting that the three LEDs that indacate the ''charge status" of each cell are/became green, which indicating that the charger works properly but this non happens. Two leds remains red and only one is green (the...
  6. Sasikanth T

    Help! Does B6AC charger stop automatically once my LiPo is fully charged?

    Hi.. I'm new to this beautiful hobby. I have purchased an iMAX B6AC charger online. I balance charge my battery (3S 4200mAH 25C LiPo) and I want to know if the charger automatically stops the charging process once my battery reaches its full capacity. Is there any option like that? Thank you...
  7. A

    Computer Power Supply Question - 12V rail full amps

    So I will be converting a generic 600W desktop PSU to a power supply for charging LiPos. I have tested it powers on by pulling the green wire to ground and the yellow wires (12V rail) is providing 12V output. The PSU I've got is rated at 25A on the 12V rail, which is 300W. 1. I want to use a...
  8. K

    Discharging 1500MAH 3S Lipos

    I have two 1500 MAH 3S lipos and I charge and now want to discharge with a coolRC b6 balance charger what are the proper settings for storage on it? can anyone help? scared they will lose power if I leave them much longer!
  9. A

    Lipo Battery issues for quadcopter

    Hi guys & girls, I have recently built my first quad(250mm)- zmr250, naze32, 2280kv motors & emax blheli escs. I'm currently using Orange 1000mah 30c-3s batteries with Imax B3 compact Lipo Balance...
  10. C

    Old charger with new battery?

    I'm planning on making my first scratch build and was wondering if I can use a charger that came with the Hobbyzone Super Cub S With SAFE made for this battery , with a battery from the ft store. Would the charger still work if I use a new battery? I can't remember what charger it is (specs and...
  11. jhitesma

    Charsoon Antimatter 10A 250W LiPo charger

    So a bit over a month ago I got a message on here from someone at Banggood asking if I'd be interested in reviewing a battery charger. I gave him my usual warning that I can't promise a positive review and there are any issues with what they send me or it turns out to be junk I'm going to say...
  12. TestMaster

    B3 pro lipo charger not working

    Hey guys, so I recently ordered I Imax B3 lipo charger from the flite test store and from the second I plugged it in, it started showing issues. Does anyone know what the problem is? Do you know if I can get a refund? If not, what charger do you recommend? (I am trying to get it for under 30...
  13. S

    LiPo Battery Help... Don't really want a fire tonight

    Hi all, I just finished my first quadcopter build today. I charged my Turnigy Nano-Tech 1300mah 3s 45c-90c LiPo on a Turnigy Accucell 6 and started messing around with the quad. I only took it a few feet off the ground for only seconds at a time, so I didn't think to much of the battery level. I...
  14. SlowPass

    Dry Box To Charging Box

    I wanted a good way to charge my LiPo batteries in the field without being dependant on my vehicle’s battery. After searching through RC forums for guidance I found that many people focused on getting the largest amount of charging capacity available per dollar. Coming out on top with that...
  15. K

    Grayson Gold 30c 3000mAh 14.8v charger help!!!

    I just got my hands on a Grayson Gold 3000mAh 14.8v battery with no charger. I believe it's a 4 cell Li-poly battery from what I was able to find on the Grayson hobby site but could not find out what charger to use. What are the recommended chargers for this battery and where can I buy one...
  16. W

    Batteries and chargers

    Whats a cheap charger for a 2200mah lipo battery?
  17. D

    Charger - Battery question HELP I AM NEWBIE PILOT

    I bought a charger off amazon for my plane I am building (first ever) and I noticed the charger says "5-10 cell universal charger" but my battery is a 7.4 2 cell Lipo. Can I get away from this with this or will it literally blow up in my face? P.S. it's not that bad if I need to get another...
  18. S

    Alternate for the Turnigy Accucel-6?

    I'm trying to get my first plane in the air and the Turnigy Accucel-6 50w charger was recommended to me this weekend. The problem is that I have been trying unsuccessfully to order this charger from for the last 4 days. Is there an alternative to this charger that I would be able...
  19. K

    Needed some guidance on a balance charger.

    Guys, I am a newbie just getting into this hobby. I just finished building my first ever plane which is the FT Delta. So, I bought some electronics at I would need. (Which is almost everything including radios). Then this is the first problem that came to me : How do I charge my battery? I...
  20. ofiesens2

    Charger compatibility

    I have 2 850mAh 3 cell batteries from LazerToyz for my FT swappables. Can these be charged with any LiPo charger, or do I have to buy a specific brand? I would like to use the LiPo charger I have from my Super Cub, but I'm not sure if you can safely charge between brands.