Lojo Jet Scratch Build **Maiden Completed**


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Just about complete with my scratch built Lojo Jet. Maiden is planned for Sunday if the weather cooperates.

It pushed by a 50mm EDF and 4s 2200mah battery. It's a unique design that was made up of several fighter jets, new and old. The wing and EDF mount are originally from the Grunjet designed by @Grifflyer. I just lengthened the trailing edge with an angle from the tips. And then flipped the wing upside down and went from there. Fingers crossed.

Maiden flight video 12-27-2020.....Enjoy

Next on my list is the Futura with a 70mm EDF......


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Nice looking plane! Has some air hogs vibes to it. Is there anything in the empennage, like CF or a piece of wood?
That section isn't complete as of yet. But it will have some popsicle sticks placed inside to support it. Been brainstorming that final bottom section for the last few days. Finally got the design out of my head and onto some plans to assemble.