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Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry for APM/Pixhawk/MAVLink


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You should fly a UAV can connect to multiple ground stations over the course of one flight, by hopping automagically from tower to tower (central base station) or even to a micro-tower (backpack base station) for super long range and features. (You can view IP camera stream to iOS and Laptop Groundstation at the same time in 720P! Lag is <50~ during normal usage.

I own a wireless internet company and I have a product that interfaces APM/Pixhawk with my internet towers or any ethernet wifi antenna (Ubiquiti).

You can see it here.

I have multiple towers across multiple counties in very rural areas, not to mention I have permission from all landowners in the area and personally know most of them (small farming community) so we could fly safely and responsibly.

See my WISP Website here.

Proposed Flight Plan:
Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 3.34.14 PM.png

I would like to perform a groundbreaking new cornerstone in the hobby by flying a triangle circuit of more than 20 miles with multiple ground station hops in order to gather data on performance, etc. This is the future to low cost 3D FPV over IP!

Here is video of me flying over Joystick control.

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Interesting! Have you gotten the HD video feed to work yet? What video transmitter are you using that provides the HD feed over wifi and at what resolution?