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Looking around for a radio


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I'm looking around for a good deal on a new radio. I currently use a DXe, and all my receivers are Spektrum, so ideally my new radio would be Spektrum as well. Looking for a DX6e or better, doesn't need to be mint in box or anything, and it's definitely not urgent.

As my fleet grows it's just getting irritating to have to plug it into a laptop and rebind every time I switch aircraft. I'd also like to have the computer radio features eventually.


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Hmmm... That TGY i6A2 looks pretty nice. It would be irritating however to have to replace my receivers. I'll have to think about it.


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Wait, what's your budget? Spectrum just came out with a new dx8e I think it's called. It's only $200 for spectrum 8 channel remote. Here's a link to the release video.

I was gonna get the FRsky QX7 but this DX8E may have inched it's way to the top of my list.


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The more I look at it the more I think I'll have to get either a DX8 or a DX8e. Pros and cons? Anyone have a recommendation?


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I am not sure of your price range I have included a link to Spektrum pdf that compares transmitters side by side. The DX8 gen 2 gives some options that may not seem useful now but if you get to larger planes can be a big plus like the ability to adjust servo max limits and dual elevator servos just to mention 2.

For me I purchased my last 3 Spektrum transmitters off of rcgroups.com I purchased them for a little more then half of new and all 3 have worked great. I started with DX5e did not take long and it was not enough, then DX6 gen 2 did not take long and ran out of channels. Finally picked up a DX9 for not much more then a new DX6 the DX9 should last me as long as I fly. I needed the 9 for an Ugly Stick I bashed and needed extra channels with 4 servos in the wing, I did not want any Y cables so I could have each servo independent for Crow and different flap and aileron configurations. Now that I have gotten bit by 3D flying the larger planes have more servos then a 6 channel could handle without a Y cable mixed in someplace.

Just my 2 cents not sure where you plan on going with this hobby but I know when I first came back to the hobby I never dreamed I would need more then 6 channels. After only being back to the hobby 2 years I have 4 planes that need more then 6 channels.....It just seems to work that way.

Good luck with your decision I know now that I would at least get the DX8 Gen 2 for the extra programing features.