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Looking for a radio with sliders

Dear community, may I ask you some opinions?
From one side I am very keen on getting one 9xr soon, since it will be open source and I love to work on electronics and software, yet, I would also like to have a radio with sliders on the side, so to control flaps for example.
Can you give me your suggestions on what to get?
Alternatively, do you recommend Japan Remote units with the side three position switches as an alternative?
Somehow I am really not convinced into getting a Futaba, or even a Spektrum. I really am looking for something different.
Many thanks!


Flying Derp
Hitec Aurora 9. It has sliders on each side. I saw Chad using one in a recent video but my request for a FliteTest review of said radio has gone unaddressed.

Hi and thanks! It seems interesting. Perhaps a bit expensive. Also, is it open source or is it not modifiable? Does it have telemetry capability? Would you suggest something specific to match it with the FrSky components?


You can use the knobs on the 9x for flaps. I've done that in the past. I could dial in analog flaps and spoilers, all in one. Now I have my flaps programmed on the three position switch. Its just "cooler" that way.


Propaganda machine
Yeah, I'm with Teach. Got my flaps on the 3 position switch. I even wrote an article on how to do it with the stock firmware (still yet to write one to show how it's done with ER9X).

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I have my flaps on a 3 position switch with a delay so they come down slower and the transition is less abrupt. I have a knob I could use by I don't want to focus on that instead of flying. Usually when I'm using flaps I'm trying to land short in a small space and I need my thumbs.
Wait wait, I have been at my airfield today... So I could see how a Japan Remote is made. The xg8 is amazingly amazing! It has two rotary flips on the side, and they seem to be analogue to me, they run much more than three positions only!
What a design... I like them even better than sliders I think, because they can be operated just with a fingertip...
We need such controls on the Turnigy, knobs are ok but old standard and more useful for parameters tuning in the on board electronics. Or a pan and tilt control for a camera mount.
Give me more of your impressions please :)
Are Japan Remote tweakable and reprogrammable to be made open source, or is it only Turnigy that allows open source as of today?