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Looking for people to fly with


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Looking for flying groups in the area

I would like to get involved a flying group in the Fraser valley area.
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If you go to a local hobby shop, you could put up a flyer or ask if there is a club in the area. I get not wanting to join a club, but just to have a flying partner or two.

Maybe try talking about the hobby too much around friends and family and see if any of them want to get into the hobby too?


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Ha ha. :)
I actually do think my uncle would like to fly, and also a couple of my friends, so I'm building an FT flyer to fly with them!
My uncle lives near me. His house is surrounded by my fathers farm. I was going to start flying down by his house in hopes to get him into the hobby so I can just go down there and fly and if he wants to join in, he can. lol.
Hi zwoobz
I'm in Fort Langley and fly at millner Park.
I have built several FT planes.
here are you located.
Currently I am in Sointula untill December so can't meet with you untill December.
I'm in Maple Ridge, I've built several ft models and I have a 250 class fpv mini quad. It would be nice to join others from the area.

James Y

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North Vancouver Radio Controlled Flying Club


I am in north Vancouver and fly out of the NVRCFC. A great bunch of experienced and novice pilots. Not the biggest space to fly, but a great group of people.