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Looking for the Perfect Scratch Build Plan


Junior Member
I want to build a scratch build for a few reasons including getting my son into the hobby and being able to fly in a small area.

I have been looking for plans but I have not found something that fits all of my criteria ( I know that I have many). The closest thing that I have found is the Windfighter .Please allow me to list my criteria and perhaps the collective mind can suggest the perfect plan.

  1. It must look like an airplane. No flying shoeboxes or saucers
  2. Easy to build. Preferably with a few sheets of foam and little construction. The less servos the better.
  3. Have a aerodynamic glide. A KF airfoil is a possible solution. .(I like the idea of KF and it is easier than forming a wing)
  4. Stable flight - a dihedral and vertical stabilizers are possible solutions.
  5. Crash resistant - This includes
    • Pusher Prop or Slot Prop
    • Not lead with the battery - this thing is going to crash, batteries are expensive.
    • Battery should be enclosed - (think crash)
  6. Have elevator and Aileron (at least) Need to teach theses skills.
  7. Use a 2200 MaH battery. I have these and I don't want to invest in 2 sets of batteries.
  8. Able to fly in a small area. A small park or ideally a large front yard.

I looked at a few candidates but I have not found the holy grail. At first I thought of the FunBat. It has a prop out front, and I have read that it is a little hard to control sometimes. If I could find a F-22 plan with and enclosed battery and Ailerons it might fit the bill.
The Windfigther is designed for a smaller battery and the battery is in front and bottom. Other than that it is pretty good.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Elemental Madness
for your goals using 2200mah battery is going to be tough because you will need a craft that can lift it. Look up the Axon from experimental airlines. Fairly easy to build and a trainer/stable craft that can do aerobatics in a pinch.