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Looking to get into the Gremlin action

Want to build a drone. Some experience in RC car builds growing up and handy with electronics, soldering, etc. looking at the kits in the store, they look straightforward, except...

Few reviews I see list issues with motors not mounting to the holes in the frame and kit frames not lined up well with other holes. On top of that, the power pack V2 looks like a general hot mess express. Motors not lining up with the frame install, wiring not straightforward, no updated build video or directions, etc. etc.

Emailed them direct for questions and received no response back. I’m leaning towards not doing this at all. Cost way too much to blow on something that looks to be completely frustrating vs enjoyable. Anyone have a suggestion on what to get to build a complete FPV Gremlin?

Treat me like the new guy and spell it out Barney-style. Thanks.


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Don’t bother with FT for quads. Get a ready built micro like the LarvaX HD or similar. Packs are cheap, parts are cheap, they fly great and come ready to use. There’s bundles available for some set ups that are less than just the cost of the Gremlin kit.
Check out Youtube “reviews” then look for retailers like Race Day Quads or GetFPV etc if you want to buy from a specialist store vs hit n hope with Banggood.
Here is an option that will require a mild amount of research but is super economic and will really get you into the sport:
This is really good for getting into the hobby because it forces you to learn the basic function of each component and will make fixing it(inevitable) much easier and more fun.

Note: Also look up drone tuning on YouTube. This will help your drones flight characteristics immensely

Have Fun!