Looking to the future .... with dreams and hopes

Mad Adz

Hiya folks.

Im seriously looking into drone flying and setting up a micro school to teach people here in south africa about the whole RC flight world. I used to fly RC planes and gliders...but over the past many years things have become so expensive due to the economic crises in the country.

To give you an example, a spektrum DR6e...on Flite test will cost $179.99. The same here in S.A. is $317.28. And thats only the start of it all.

I would love to set up like FLite test has done, getting ppl involved, espically the younger kids in school to show them and to teach them about the basics of RC flight...to open their minds and let them develop new ideas of their own...

How could I go about this and would anyone be interested in helping set up such a "School" as such. Venues are abundent over here, but the costs of the electronics etc...just push it way out of reach of mere mortals and the local people here.

I Look forward to hearing some feedback and assistance....

Have a fantastical day guys, and keep up the amazeballs work