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Looking to Upgrade to LRS (first LRS setup )


Senior Member
There's a bunch of great videos if you just search for "LRS" in the awesome search engine. Why not start with FliteTest's LRS shootout? Great tips there.


Senior Member
If you're interested in lower cost, check out the OrangeRX Open LRS system at Hobbyking. You can get into LRS for around $50. Of course you'll have to have a transmitter that accepts modules.
im happy with my flytron openlrs, flash it with openlrsng firmware, and make some dipole antennas and your good to go. i have only gone 2 km (need a bigger flying feald) but i still had 100% rssi.
have a look at hawkeye lrs to. its based on openlrs with a few hardware improvements and its preflashed with openlrsng. i have not used it so i cant comment on its performance.