Help! building first rc glider and dont know which battery to buy


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Hi all,

Building my first rc glider a hiesboch Gino and want to do the rc conversion, I have bought the recommended receiver and serves. The r6ds and go2+ respectively. Not sure what battery setup I need for this, also looking for any recommendations for a cheap transmitter as well.

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I wasn't familiar with the heisboch gino. It looks like a very lightweight (under 250g) glider. As far as battery, we'd need to know if you plan to keep this as a thermal glider, or if you are adding some sort of power system (motor), as that would require a very different battery than a pure thermal glider. If thermal glider, something like a 1s 100-150mah would probably be all you need. If motor, It would depend on if it's a 1s motor, or needs 2s. 1s probably something like a 300mah battery, and for 2s, you'd probably need like a 200mah battery.

The r6ds is again something I have no experience with. It's a RadioLINK receiver, and I've never come across one of those personally, nor have I ever seen anyone using that brand at my local club field. I looked in my radiomaster radio with a 4 in 1 module, and it has an option for RadLink, but I'm not positive if that's just abbreviated, or something different. I did a bit more research and it does appear to be an abbreviation for Radiolink - the website lists it as a supported protocol.

So that said for a "cheap" radio, you'd probably need to go with something like the Radiomaster Zorro with the 4-in-1 module (should be about $130), or one of the the branded RadioLINK radios (the at9s seems to be about $115). If you go with the zorro, you'd be able to use receivers from many different companies (popular Spektrum (DSMX) stuff, Frsky, Flysky, etc), but if you go with RadioLINK, you would ONLY be able to use RadioLINK receivers.


Master member have to use a transmitter that has the same (radio) protocol as the receiver you bought. In general, you have to buy the same brand transmitter as the receiver - in this case a Radiolink. Or just to confuse things you can buy a Jumper or Radiomaster that will link with almost any receiver. Make sure you get a transmitter for airplanes and not cars. It appears that Radiolink really doesn't have an inexpensive transmitter. You can cut your losses buy buying a Flysky system. Something like this:

As has been said, if you're not using a motor you can go with a 1S or 2S battery and just plug it into the receiver (you'll have to do some soldering) Drone batteries around 500-650MAh are cheap and readily available. Around $10. Take a picture of your build and place it here.