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Hello Everyone!

I am starting this thread as a repository for links to the various spreadsheets I have created since joining the Flite Test community. Basically, I'm running out of space in my signature for links so I thought it best to start a thread as a singular location to store these links.

For those who might not have seen my posts on the forums, I have been creating spreadsheets to help compare gear and parts for the RC hobby. The links I am providing are to my Google Docs spreadsheets and are setup as View Only for the time being.

*DISCLAIMER: I have been creating these spreadsheets in my spare time, many are still work in progress and information is subject to change.

I also welcome community feedback on these sheets to help develop them. If the formatting is cumbersome or I have useless information or perhaps I'm missing information that would be helpful, please let me know and I will try to adjust the sheets.

At this time I'm not ready to open these up to community development, but perhaps that's something that can be done in the future.

UPDATE (2019-06-20): If you would like to contribute to these spreadsheets, feel free to send me an access request.

FT Power Pack Comparable Parts

Power Pack A
*Pretty good overall, would like to find more parts for all sections. Propeller section still needs to be populated

Power Pack B
*ESC and Servo sections are pretty solid, Motor and Propeller sections need some work

Power Pack C V2
*Needs more 35A ESCs with the new V2 update/upgrade

Power Pack F
*ESC and Servo sections good, motor and propeller sections need work

Want to know what planes work with your existing FliteTest Power Pack? Check out this list:
FliteTest Models and Power Packs

Other Useful Spreadsheets

ESC & BEC Database
* Pretty happy with where this is currently at

Receiver Database
* Actively in development, FrSky and Spektrum receiver sections are pretty good.

Transmitter Comparison
* FrSky, Jumper, FlySky, Spektrum and Hitec radios pretty much complete.
* Futaba, Graupner and HobbyKing need to be worked on.

I hope these spreadsheets continue to help those in the community.

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Added remaining current production Spektrum radios. Some holes in their specs but mostly from lack of consistent information on Spektrum's website. Also added current FlySky offerings.

Will need to add Hitec, Futaba and Graupner.

Continued work on transmitter comparison spreadsheet, the following transmitters have been added.
Jumper t12, t12+ and t16
FrSky xlite, xlite s, xlite pro, Horus x10, x10s and x12s

2019-03-06: Flite Test has discontinued the original Power Pack C which used a 30A EMax BLHeli ESC and are now offering a Power Pack C V2 which uses a Flite Test brand 35A ESC. This change is applicable to all plane models using a Power Pack C. All other parts are the same at this time.

The 'Standalone BEC' spreadsheet has been modified and now has a second sheet for ESC database. There is still an entire sheet dedicated to standalone BECs.
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I am at a point where I would like to start opening these spreadsheets up for community contribution.

Please feel free to send an access request (via google docs) for any spreadsheets you would like to have edit access to.

As a courtesy, please include your FliteTest forum username in your access request.

Thank you!