1. mayan

    A Journey into 3D printing... The possibillities are endless!

    Hey everybody this thread will be all about my journey into 3D printing. It will go on to showcase the endless possibilities that we have today with 3D printers. This first post will be sort of an index to the many projects that I will be posting about in this thread and will be updated each...
  2. Aerospacechannel

    Shameless Promotion of my YT Channel

    I know that this is probably not going to get clicked on, but I figured why not. I build rockets and planes and other engineering things. I currently only have 2 videos but I plan to post soon, in February. I would ask you to please subscribe, but that’s up to you. I am also working on adding...
  3. Bo123

    My Flying Log

    I Wanted somewhere to log my flying and flight time, and so I though I would share it with you guys. I have done quite a but of flying in the past, so I am not going to log all of that. Will update when I fly next I guess??? Hobbyking Piper J-3 Swiss Cub 1400mm: 08/05/22: Flew for about 8...
  4. Some say

    Some say

    Some say he’s able to fly, even though he lacks arms or legs. All I know is, he’s the Stig
  5. IcedStorm777

    For sale and trade, GOOD DEALS! Receivers, motors, props, servos, gimmicks, and more.

    Sooo i have been loving building planes lately but have a particular batch of electronics that i haven't been able to use. These are all UMX things. So here is what i am offering. I have 4 receivers, two motors, a few servos and a few props. I am willing to trade these for planes, parts, FPV...
  6. OGnapkin

    Protecting foam planes

    I've been looking on ways to make my foam planes more durable. I thought of adding packing tape to the edges of the wings of them but idk how else to make them more durable. any ideas?
  7. B

    magnus effect plane

    I know that peter created a plane using the magnus effect using kfc buckets; however, could the flite test team be able to create a plane using this effect in a way that could be built in something like a speed build kit? Fingers crossed!!!
  8. J

    just looking for advice for many things

    Hello everybody, i'm new to all of this so please excuse me if i say something very stupid. Let me introduce myself, I'm Vasiliy a 13 year old boy (yes i know i'm a kid) and i want to get in to that RC hobby plane flight thing. i flew some RC planes when i was 5 years old but they all crashed...
  9. C

    Motors for multiple hats

    Hi guys! I am on a really tight budget for projects. I want to build FT planes, and then after that use those same motors to create a tricopter. What motor would be good to create a nice tricopter, but at the same time works for FT planes, like the Guinea Pig,FT-3D,(Kraken maybe?) etc. Is there...
  10. Supe

    Howdy howdy!

    Hello there. Name is John. Nickname is Supe. I'm a fellow RC pilot from Alabama. I work at Homewood Toy and Hobby in the Birmingham area as the resident RC car tech. Not too much to say about me, really. I'm a friendly guy with a servant's attitude who loves RC and anything that flies. Except...
  11. C

    Hello all from Texas! CRC Cruzing Rc Productions

    Hello from Texas Not very much Rc going on here but im going to change that check out my channel still up and coming but growing ever so gradually Huge fan of Flite Test like many others cant wait to get my first build gong. Please take a quick view on my Video if you like Thank you all. :D...
  12. G

    what is that plane?

    in beginner series #6, power systems, in the background there is a bat-winged v-tail plane with what seems is a 5-ft wingspan. what is this called and are there plans of a kit for it? it appears over Josh's left shoulder (not Bixler) at about one minute eight seconds into the episode and...
  13. Andre

    098 The FAA debacle

    098 The FAA debacle Join Chris,Wayne,Mike and special guest Fred Provost as they discuss the biggest topic in the RC flight community,the Federal Aviation Administration's new small UAS Registration rule. Make sure to check out the article that Austin posted called FAA RC registration FAQ for...
  14. S


    Hello there! I live at 7000FT elevation and all my FTplanes fly like a rock... my FT bushwacked weighs 490 grams W/O battery and its brushless motor is a hexTronik DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv and 35amp esc i also fly with a zippy 2200mah 20c.. adding more power up here is a must but i was...
  15. M

    New to this and want to build a fpv plane

    Hey guys! Sorry if this question has been answered already. I tried using the search button or option to see if its been answered already but I couldnt. Anyway, my question is pretty much just about compatibility. Heres the plane that i'm going to buy...
  16. R

    make objects flyable

    take an object like a sculpture and make it fly this would be part sculpture part plane and or copter . Why stick to only copters and planes in there original configuration why not make a sculpture fly . The flying box is the beginning to this idea why not add copter components and make an...
  17. A

    Challange - Planes: Fire & Rescue

    Hello all, I am a big fan of your stuff. I have my PPL and the price of flying is so high I have to find my fix another way. Needless to say flying is my mistress (my wife understands). Anyways, I saw you segment on Disney's Planes and it gave me an idea for a challenge for both fixed wing and...
  18. T

    200% Bloody Wonder!

    I went to Flite Fest this year and saw a lot or really cool scratch builds. One of my favorites was a 200% Bloody Wonder. It looked so awesome and looked like it flew amazing. When I got back from Flite Fest, I decided to make one. It only took 5 shees of foam and took about 5 hours to build. I...
  19. S

    Hosts & content

    Hi Flitetest, Been watching the show for over 2 years now and absolubtly love it! Just wanted to say that Josh, Josh & David are excellent personalities to present the show. However, as you can't have David anymore, please can we have more Josh and Josh? If Josh Scott is too busy with other...
  20. G

    german speed demon

    Hey i love ww2 planes and saw a German plane that had one pusher and one puller prop. counter rotating to counter act the spin. this made the plane extremely fast. I'm wondering if you could design a plane that uses that same Technic to achieve extreme speed.