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"maker" starting with a flying wing and going back to a trainer

hello, all!

I am dyslexic so please forgive me for any mistakes and please ask if you don't understand anything.

this is my first post so first, off thank you to the Flite Test team (and people in the community) for posting their plans online for free!

so now here is my story. randomly I and my better half decided we needed to play with remote controlled planes.
to be specific "flying wings" after a little bit of googling I found the "FT MIGHTY MINI ARROW" that seemed like a good place to start. I am a part of my local makerspace so i have access to a laser cutter that could cut the Mini Arrow.
finished cutting gluing and assembling the Mini Arrow we needed up with this:
me and my best freind got one good flight (lasting less than 30 secounds) befor lots of nose dives and lots of duck tape to keep the air frame together. this is the end of that adventure :
in summy lots of fun not much sucuess.

so that was it i was hooked i made with my own hands somthing that can fly. i realized that a flying wing was not a good start. so i had a look and a found the "Tiny Trainer" so useing our spaces laser cutter i made two complete kits.
i built one kit ready to fly picture below (3 channel) :

now the reson i am posting number one thanking the team behind the amount of fun ive had.
number two asking why i bult the 3 channel tiny trainer (put the power train from the mini wing inside 2C)
got a good 10 secounds of flight befor it nosed and "dismantled"

the more infomration i can get the better !

thanks for reading.