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tiny trainer

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  7. JustBeyondANoob

    Help! Ft 20 amp Esc random beeping

    Hello, I am 15 and just getting into the hobby. I have built a few FT planes before, and this is a new and interesting story. I got my tiny trainer speed build kit over the weekend. The build of the plane went fine. Receiver binding and servos all worked well. At times, when powered on, after...
  8. R

    ESC beeping problem

    I got the tiny trainer speed build kit last week. I got everything from the FT starter bundle (So I'm using the Power Pack A, a Tattu 2 cell battery, and the Spektrum DXe Transmitter). Every time I move the throttle a little the ESC beeps at me and the motor jitters a bit. I believe that I...
  9. flitetest

    Plane FT Tiny Trainer 1.1

    FT Tiny Trainer Designed By: Josh Bixler Plans By: Dan Sponholz **New plans updated to the latest format** This is still the same classic design that was originally released over 5 years ago. Description: Now made with the new Maker Foam the Flite Test Tiny Trainer is even better! The Tiny...
  10. DutchRoll

    FTFC20-Build-Ruary: Main Entry by DutchRoll

    Build Skill: 2, Pilot Skill: 0.75 (Crashed 8 times, max distance 3/4 of a circuit, no landings) FT-Mini Tiny Trainer - Cause my Simple Soarer died before it even lived. Build Photos FT-Mini Corsair - I want a warbird, and I need practice with round fuselages Build Photos FT-Bloody Wonder -...
  11. duckduckgoose

    150% Un-Tiny Trainer Build

    Today I was thinking about what project I should embark on next and I remembered how nice the tiny trainer used to fly, until I butchered it up and performed horrific experiments on it (Tiny Twin Boomer), but also remembered how little room there was for electronics. Still, I managed to fpv it...
  12. D

    FT Tiny Trainer flight characteristics

    Hi All, I modelled the flight chars and you can see the results here. Hope this helps https://www.ecalc.ch/motorcalc.php
  13. Tiny Trainer

    Tiny Trainer

    Tiny Trainer after a gentle landing in the mustard. Built by my 11 year old son.
  14. Kendalf

    Getting into Foamies with my son

    I tried to start with RC planes about a dozen years ago, but new kids and school and jobs caused me to put the hobby aside for a number of years. Now that my kids are older, I'm getting back into it! It's always nice to have someone to share the hobby with, and provide enthusiasm while building...
  15. 50% scale of the Tiny Trainer

    50% scale of the Tiny Trainer

  16. 50% scale of the Tiny Trainer

    50% scale of the Tiny Trainer

  17. Tiny Trainer 4 Channels at the field

    Tiny Trainer 4 Channels at the field

  18. Tiny Trainer 4 Channels

    Tiny Trainer 4 Channels

    Decided to give my Tiny Trainer a paint job
  19. Tiny Trainer 3 Channels Show Off

    Tiny Trainer 3 Channels Show Off

    showing off to life friends at a BBQ
  20. Tiny Trainer going 3 Channels

    Tiny Trainer going 3 Channels