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Manic Micros




The Manic Micro series will feature a range of indoor flyers. First up is the nnTiger Moth. This little guy is a blast to zip around with and is perfect for a yard flyer or indoor arena. Get yours built in time for winter!

If you like this design then perhaps you’ll like some of my others as well.



16in | 406mm


13.66in | 347mm




AUW - 80g


MOTOR - 5g NTM - hexTronik
PROP - GWS 5x3
ESC - 6a Plush
BATTERY - 300mah 2s
SERVOS - 4x 1.7g


Beginner – You’ve never flown a plane before, let alone done a scratch build
Novice – You’ve flown a plane but have no experience with scratch building
Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before
Advanced – You’ve mastered the standard FT build style and are looking for a new challenge
Expert – You’ve mastered all build techniques and aren't afraid to improvise or tackle tedious builds

Intermediate – You’ve flown and built a few FT style planes before.




2x BBQ skewer
1x sheets DTFB
1x sheet poster board
Push rods
Control horns
Hot glue

Is Manic Micro nnTiger Moth swappable?
Yes! I have designed a Manic Micro pod.

Will there be a build video?

How scale is this thing?
All proportions are scale except the tail feathers. They were increased by 25%.

Is the nnTiger Moth a good plane for a beginner to fly?
Yes! This thing is very light which makes it durable. Great for a beginner to nose dive with over and over.

Can I use different eletronics than what you've listed?
Yes! However, keep it light. If your build is more than 80g it will need to fly fast in order to stay up.

There is a plane I want you to design, what’s the best way to suggest it to you?
Please use the request form here on my site.

Manic Micro nnTiger Moth Plans



Thanks for checking out the Manic Micro nnTiger Moth! If you built a nnTiger Moth and enjoyed it please consider donating a few bucks so I can buy more supplies to make more great planes.

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Flite is good
At this point Nic, I don't think there is anything you could not make a thing.

You will be unstoppable once you get your hands on a laser cutter.

I would like to see that assembled and maybe sitting next to one of your ssP-39.


Flite is good
Have you flown one yet? How do you like the performance of that 5g motor? What receiver are you going to use.

The problem I had initially was that as the plane got smaller, the components and foam did not get any lighter. This kept leaving me with higher wing loading requiring higher flight speeds. Smaller plane was harder to keep orientation so it was constant stick time. One had to fly so fast that I never got a chance to trim it flat and level. It did not last long. Since then, I have been sticking to 20" span and larger.


Ludicrous speed, GO!
I quite like this idea. my cousin flys all of his UMX planes in his small yard. he's also flown a baby baron there somehow. i think these would be perfect for flying in his yard on account of their small size

jayz 84

Posted a thousand or more times
Damn man. You just showed me the motor what yesterday morning and now you have the plane pretty much built already. Nice work man. Now you really have me wanting to build one. Guess ill be making a order very soon ;)


Biplane Guy
It's so tiny!

My only concern is that the thickness of the foam will make it hard to fly, just because of the aerodynamic tendencies of the foam at that size. (It's kinda thick for that size)


Senior Member
Oh good lord! I love it! I've got all of the P39 parts cut and on the table ready for glueup, now I have to do some more cutting lol ;)


Awesome! I'm glad there is interest in this. I'll try to clarify some of the info.

This is actually not a nnP-39. Seen in the photo is my MiG 3, my Sonic Series P-39, and the Manic Micro Bucker Bu 180. I chose this as my prototype as it had the largest wingspan out of my designs. So while it's bitty, the wingspan is respectable.

As of right now I hadn't planned on beveling the LE but if it flies weird then this might be something to try. From a plans perspective they are basically done.. these things are easy to make AND build. I worked the plans up in about an hour and built it last night in one sitting. It's not flown yet but I'm hoping to do it tonight. I will def flesh out the thread with details after testing. I want to make sure this thing will fly well first.

The main goals I have for this series are clean looks and flight characteristics. So that means no exposed servos/electronics and slow enough flight to be a backyard flyer, or in my case, front yard flyer. :)


I like 3D printers...
Cool. I'm very interested in your exact power setup and prop choices. I have been bouncing around the idea of a super tiny Nutball that I can fly around inside my house. If you're happy with the setup, a super micro swappable power pod could lead to a lot of fun ideas.


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
Awesome Nic. Hopefully it will slow down enough to be a good indoor flyer too. I need a scratch build that I can fly indoors (gymnasium) in the winter. The Baby Baron is just way to fast for that. :black_eyed:


localfiend - I will post all the details after I finish testing, don't worry :)

Dan - I may design a true slow fly type plane around this size for indoor flight if this is successful.


FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
Nic can you post a link to the electronics you plan on using? I'm really interested in seeing if I can get a DTFB slow flying indoor plane. The Mighty Minis are okay, but they are not true indoor slow flyers.


Trash Hauler emeritus
5g ntm motor and 5g servos. 2.5 would be ideal but I don't have any.

With a 300mah 1s AUW it's just under 60g.
2.5g? How about 1.7g? When I built my 5g-motor-powered 50% Versa wing, I used 1.7g servos -- the ones with the little molex connectors that go with the micro version of the "Orange" receiver from HK. And I used 3mm Depron for the build. Link: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthre...2-2-ounce-AUW!&p=144131&viewfull=1#post144131 It uses 2S and so is quite zippy. I flew it at FF15 (and it got midaired...but not too bad damage). What type of foam are you using? If it's DTF, I assume that you took the paper off both sides.


Nic can you post a link to the electronics you plan on using? I'm really interested in seeing if I can get a DTFB slow flying indoor plane. The Mighty Minis are okay, but they are not true indoor slow flyers.
I can link what I plan to test with but I can't promise any results yet :)