Martin B-26 Marauder, Warbird light bomber.


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Started a new build , called Model 179 by the producer, later assigned by US Army Corps to a more known modelname ;).
Went from paper concept to an operational plane in 1940, and in 1941 it was a operational plane in US Army fleet.
Shoulder-winged dual motor monoplane of all-metal construction, fitted with a tricycle landing gear. and had a streamlined, circular fuselage for the 7 crew. Colonel Jimmy Doolitle was quite fond of the plane.Stated by the 9th Air Force to have had the lowest combat loss rate of any US aircraft used during the WW2. mostly in Europe, but also saw action in the Mediterranean and the Pacific.
By the end of World War II, it had flown more than 110,000 sorties, and had been used in combat by British, Free French and South African forces in addition to US units. In 1945, 5,266 units had been built. It was used by RAF, USAC,USAAF,US Marines and Navy.
First modeltype was called "widowmaker". ..... Its the Martin B-26 Marauder.
An "forgotten" plane,with beautiful lines... and the only plane UA authoritys recommended building with even no prototype or test flights before made orders of hundreds.

Build thread is "shortned" because technical problems to take photos then, and also a "build as goes" on the way, form just a 3D view drawing.
My build gonna be 910mm wingspan, length of 690mm (1:12 scale)

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frontpart ready, skinned and even with the canopy and nose "see-trrough" (both made by plastic bottle parts, cutted and corrected to fit. )
Internals is shown futher back.

From paper models, ive also used the "trick" by makin "v-slots" at front against the "pod" (8 slots 1-2 inch), to make the rounded shape curbed all the way, to gradually get the less diameter in front
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i have had some 2mm foamborad laying around for a while, this time wanted use it..... as the top skin on wing. Shure get lighter, but also more "fragile". Bottom was still 5mm foamboard also wingspars. It need more reinforcing parts to hold better.. even should perhaps made more spars...
Ailerons is cut from wingbottom, to get redirected to top skin.


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model got already quite completed....
The skin over wing at fuselage center isnt glued, because need to reach inside for electronics... also the top front on engine nacelles.

And for first time im building front of fuselage in a way i planned some times, to get easier batterychange eg... on smaller planes with restricted place. The way by putting under a powerpod eg, have never appealed me.

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at many mini style planes a standard powepod dont get space, to get out/in at front cowling, without making the cowl wider, perhaps loosing nice profile lines of the plane.
Here is my idea to overcome this problem.


The whole frontal part is glued together with powerpod as one unit, and can be moved forward from the rest of fuselage. The way its done is that a couple of formers to rear got an exact opening as the powerpod,(with tabs removed of the pod) fastned as typical FT builds with a couple of scewers trough fuselage. Or even get panels rearwards to fit the powepod size tight.
Difference is... it also holds the whole frontpart, and can be done even with motor up front. Then you get motor, esc front in one movable unit, even if long enough with the reciver up there.

Normal, with frontunit to rear (not locked with scewers here though. That will give a even less showing connection if done properly and pushed tight before locked.


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