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Master Series Builds, Past Present and Future.

So John I have a question on how you got started designing - Caleb btw - I know some form of CAD program entered the picture later on for designing aircraft, but how did you prototype when you started out? Did you use any technique, or just rough it? OR did you always use CAD? If so, how do you go from plane shape you see, to 2D interpretation for foam?


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Seen those on Facebook and Instagram and are great as are the above suggestions.

I'd like to see a ME-262 and a Grumman Mallard. I haven't seen you do a water plane or a WW2 Jet fighter, sounds like a good challenge and something different for you.:)

In the meantime I'll start with the Spit and the Hornet when it comes out..
I just wish the wind would die down here in the UK so I could get out and fly some more with the P47 - only had three flight so far before the storms arrived, but love it. I'll be building a few of these from your photos when the plans come out, and the Mossie will be my first twin. Love what you're doing!


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I will say they all look great, but that P 40 does look pretty sick. And the next after the Spit just may be the Mustang.

Which do you think will be released first between the two...? Say the Mustang!