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Master Series Corsair

That's pretty specific. How would you know that? I am NOT being a butt (Ya'll, just be quiet!) I'm just asking. ;)
Indeed I did say it in post 48 however I'll be more specific, I called the flitetest store which by the way is in California and are handling the store business for Josh, anyway he said he talked to Josh and this was like last Tuesday and said that josh said they would have it to him by next Tuesday but you never know they could be in Monday I'm just going by what he said


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Ty was looking in resource under the plane
Yeah, we've sorted out how to use the new "resource" system in the latest forum update for storing files, but links in threads? Connecting everything up between the forum thread, store thread, and videos is still manual, and details like that are easy to overlook mid-launch.


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This thing is so big I cant work on it on my table. loving the wing so far and the meld techniques are super easy, Pictures when I have finished building for the day


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I absolutely love the new grid for the tiled plans. Previously I would piece together and cut out a wing and then notice there was more to it on another tile.