Master Series P47 - with flaps and static gear


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Good morning All,
I am starting this thread to show how I interpreted the wheel mounting and how I am adding flaps to the new P47.

I noticed the square pattern on the wing bottom, and the squares to be cut from foam and plywood.
I have the parts laid out here in what I think the intended stack order was...
Gear Stack.jpg

I am guessing that the exit hole for the wire is to be on the front corner on the wing center side, though if the hub is inward facing I'd flip this around to exit on the outer side.
The solid board on top to add strength above the bent wire, and two foam core boards to brace against the top wing skin.

I'll look for some appropriate sized wheels around here and post when I get the wires bent.

Now on the flap side of things my methods are sort of hand-fabricated.
I have the flap outline drawn on the pattern here, the side spacing is 15mm from each end of the trailing edge.

The attached PDF file is a scan of my pattern to trace here, the hinge just extends off the page to intersect with the 15mm offset on the outer cut.
Roughly, this page overlays like this:

The control horn lines are perpendicular-ish to the hinge line. I used pencil on paper (traced on both sides of the paper) to transfer the pattern from one side to the other.

Once the pattern is cut into the foam, before the wing spars are glued in, I make the pockets for the servos.

With the spar in place, not glued yet makes this easier, draw a straight line up from the control horn slot and place a servo so the arm is in line with that line and close to the inside of the rear spar.
I traced around the servo here so I could carve out the foam on top but leaving the outside paper. The carving is easier with the spar out of the way.

Next I cut a small hole in the paper where the control arm would stick through.

The servo fits nicely. If you glue it in now with the arm sticking through the next step will be harder, so do this right before the top wing cover goes on.

The next step, not sure if its entirely necessary yet, but with this thin piece sticking out I thought a skewer would help strengthen this area...

Its a little tricky, but if you hold the foam flat on the edge of a table with your hand on top you can persuade a skewer through the foam between the papers.
I'd suggest practicing on a couple of scrap pieces first.
I went just past the rear spar with the sticks.

Once the stick is in the servo with centered arm can be glued in.

This will leave some controls hanging below the wing, which is why I wanted to figure out the wheel setup.

Let me know if you have any feedback on this post format, or if you have questions on my process so far.
I'll keep you posted on progress as it goes along.


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I admire you taking on a P-47 SCRATCHBUILD!!! 😳😎😎
Something I couldn't do without a trip to the Hospital!! 😆
I was wondering how to get Gear on it. I can't do belly landers...


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Having a little trouble with fuselage skin 1, the part that goes between the one with the cowl flappy things and the big fuselage piece. It doesn't quite fit around former #3 or #4. Might need to cut my own skin to fit this part or section it and patch in a little rectangle.

I am using the tiled plans, I wonder if this object got scaled a little differently. We will persevere, we will fly.


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I'm pretty adaptable, so it wasn't a problem. Thanks for the input.
Got the razorback fuse done tonight, and have the nose ready to do a bubbletop too (I wanted both, haha). Some of my seams could be a little better, I ran out of the big glue sticks and had to make do with my tiny glue gun.

I got a little wrinkly at the back of the canopy, if I get a chance to do another I would try forming the razorback as close to the finished shape as possible before gluing.


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Back to a happier, more positive note...
Someone NEEDS to make 3D Printed Cowls for this! 👍👍
This level of Plane DESERVES that level of detail.


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I could try drawing up a 3d model for the cowl.
I have a picture my flying buddy took of a p47 restoration in ... Florida? I think he said.

That shaped piece on the front would look pretty sweet!


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I did hand-cut most of these pieces, though I cheated a little bit on some of the small pieces. I thankfully have access to a little 6x12" laser machine, I used it to cut the small wood parts, the battery hatch parts, and the foam fuselage former shapes.
I like the hand finished quality of the hand cut parts, but the laser saved me a couple days of cutting parts out :D


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Update - I got a couple of flite-test radial motors for the P-47's on the store's black Friday deal. I got some 2.75" foam wheels so I can assemble the gear parts this week. This size seems to look good with the wheel side "fairings" in the plans.
I haven't had loads of time to play over the last couple weeks, but I cant wait to fly these!

On an unrelated topic, I have a secret project that is more ground-based. I have done some 1/24 scale slot car drag racing, and I had this 30mm EDF laying around. I will be testing this over the winter...


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Hi, any news in this thread? I woul be very interested to see and read more adbout this. Currently I am building the P-47 with the slightly adapted plan, not the original one from flitetest..