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Mentor nomination thread.


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Hey even if you don't know anything (which you do) there are always people who inspire you with enthusiasm, ideas, or just plain craziness so your a mentor in my book.


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I too vote for @CarolineTyler and @buzzbomb.
CarolineTyler is always inspiring with her builds her will to take up a challenge and learn new things. That makes her a mentor in my book.
buzzbomb is always pushing the members on the forum to dare, there are endless challenges out there to prove it. Doing this he puts himself on the dare as well, to show everybody that it's only FB after all, when he crashs laughing. That makes him a mentor in my book.


I know nothing!
Thank you both. OK. I've learned a little bit, but I'm no Mentor. Cheerleader, yes. Mentor, no. I can cheer on the efforts of a new pilot, encourage them, dare them to step out and do even more. What I can not do is help them much at all. I love that you appreciate all that I am trying to do. I'm not a Mentor, though.

That green "Mentor" tag means when that person types something, what they are saying is from knowledge and experience, and it bears a weight that I can not carry. Not now, maybe not ever. I just want to get out there and fly stupid and maybe inspire some people along the way.

@mayan? Six months to a year, and I believe you'll have what I think it takes to be a Mentor. There will come a day when @mayan is posted here by me. I very much look forward to that day! :)


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Ive seen a few votes for @d8veh and @Merv and would second those. Both are very helpful. I stumble on a lot of @Merv 's posts giving specific and generalized advice or information or answering questions while I'm browsing various threads, and almost always learn something new that I can apply. I would give a huge vote and personal shoutout for @Dr. Looping Looie . Besides contributing a lot of articles and cool scratch designs to the community, he is extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and he's always testing new and cool stuff. He personally helped me tremendously in my own development as both a pilot and designer/scratch builder. I'm seeing a lot of shoutouts for @Grifflyer too and would second that. Great guy, great builds, and extremely helpful and encouraging, always taking on new challenges and sharing his experience.


Knower of useless information
That is...Well, it's DISTURBING. LOL

On another note, I'll throw in my vote for CarolineTyler as well. She's incredibly knowledgeable, and has sparked interest in many of us with her threads. :)

I'll be one to admit that a lot of my "mentoring" is just throwing good vibes out and just providing information when it's needed. I'm of the mindset to offer a bunch of info and different reasons why people may want to go one route over another; ultimately, it's up to the party we're providing information to for them to make the decision, but I'm willing to provide information and at the very least, a different viewpoint and the WHY behind my viewpoint (or methods to my madness, choices, foul-ups, etc.).