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Solved Mini Corsair battery won’t fit?

So I am building a FT Mighty Mini Corsair, and am practically done, I’m at the part where you slide the BBQ skewer in the foam to secure the battery.But the battery is too tall for the skewer to go through. I have a 850mAh 75c 3s battery that they feature for the mini Corsair. Any ideas?


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
BBS BBQ Skewer. :)

It's your model. You WILL crash it and have to repair or rebuild it. Mod your build to accommodate the lipo. You will need to mod the build anyway after crashes so might as well start now. :)
I've built a corsair and have had the same problem with that size battery. I would suggest ditching the BBQ skewers for the battery and just cut away until the battery friction fits in the nose. You'll probably still need some nose weight. I never could get my corsair to fly how i wanted it to so i just built the mini mustang instead which was a dream!!! Good luck!


Faster than a speeding faceplant!
Can you run the skewer lengthwise over the battery?

Can you run the skewer under the battery and use a strap or rubber band to hold the lipo in place?

There has to be more than one way to skin this... :)
Had a similar problem with my 850 3S. I cut a much shorter power pack and put the battery in the nose behind the power pack. Face the battery wires back and route the plug up into the hatch compartment. I routed the wires for the motor through the first former into the hatch compartment.

CG was good since I was a bit tail heavy before. Unfortunately, I also haven’t been able to get this bird to fly either after one attempt, it broke the firewall on the launch a couple weeks back.