Mini Guinea motor issue!


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Hey guys

I need some technical advice.

the build for my guinea is complete and all electronics are working fine but one of the motors spins up a little slower than the other and is causing yaw. this is my first twin so I guess it's something basic.

set up

2x 12 amp esc
2x 1806 A pack motors
1x 850mah nano 45-90 c rating
all the various y cables and extensions

I have a 9xr pro, can I cure the problem with offsetting or similar

thanks in advance



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You need to calibrate the esc's throttle range. Most esc programming is connect battery with the throttle stick on your transmitter on full wait till you hear beeps and then put the throttle to 0. Check with your esc manufacturer to make sure and please take the propellers off first.


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Ok did you "y" the two ESC? If you did you won't be able to fix your issue. If you set up each ESC on it's own channel then (I run dx7 and 8. TX's) you go in to the tx find the channel that is slow and match the stick movement of the faster one should fix you right up. I like to get it close on the bench then get the tx open to where it can be adjusted put the bird in the sky and fine tune with fly byes. Hope this helps and makes sense.


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thanks guys

I used the first method and seems to have worked perfectly

thanks for the help. much appreciated. IMG_0999 (1).JPG