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Mini H-Quad BlackOut Build Log | Greg2B

I just don't know if its the right one for me at this time. IM torn between the TBS Discovery and the Blackout H. It will be my first FPV Quad and I'm not sure what one will be a better start since i don't have the funds for them both at this time i have to choose one


Senior Member
That's a tough choice. I'm all about the mini's but if you want to do more then just fly fast and crash hard the TBS may be the way to go. Though the blackout will survive better while your learning fpv I would suspect. And you can get good video if you fly responsibly .:)


Senior Member
About to start my own blackout mini h quad build myself. Really want to get a discovery but figured I would start smaller first. I also have a knockoff mini spider hex which is what hooked me into the mini craze.