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Mini Scout to Junker D-1?

I was browsing the web and ran across the Junker D-1 (once again). And, since I was working on my Mini Scout today, I noticed that they have the same general outline.


If you modified the tail boom and put a turtle deck on the back and dropped the wing... I think I'd try a KFm 2 wing instead of an under-camber wing (going to put a KFm 2 into a Mini Scout just to see how it works). Thinking about it, I guess you'd have to have a top hatch with the low wing to put in the gear.

Would you have to drop the power pod a little with the low wing?

Hmm... Maybe after I finish the scratch build Mini Arrow.
Here is a challenge for you; use corrugated cardboard to get that distinctive Junker look. THAT would be a project worth spending time on. :)

For the low wing, I suggest strapping it with rubber band so you get easy access to the electronics. Just like you would do with the FT Storch, but reversed. BONUS: rubber-band won't be as much of an eye-sore when hidden under the aircraft.

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Well, funny you should say that. I had this piece of really clean cardboard and was thinking of making a plane out of it. It's just that I have 4 other aircraft in front of it at this point. A Mini Scout with a KFm2 wing (needs electronics and landing gear and figure out whether the change in wing changes the CG), a Mini SE5 (half way through the build), an Mini Sportster in pieces, and a Spear in pieces.

After working on the SE5, I was thinking it might be a better base than the Mini Scout for the Junker.

Hmm... So little time, so many projects.
Beautiful ! Simply beautiful. Makes me dream of building a Ford Tri-Motor using this material...

Is it slightly heavier than traditionnal foamcore? Or would it double, triple the weight?

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Nice! So cardboard construction IS an option. Very cool.

And how about this model featured in the adventures of Tintin? Polikarpov I-1
It's almost the same shape as the Junker D-1, including the corragated steel skin, but with even simpler shapes.

If find the Junker D-1 more attractive, but the more time I spend designing/constructing an aircraft, the less relax I am when flying it.

How about you? Would you go for simplicity of beauty?

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